Conversation – text and talk

How to Text a Girl You like

You have been too busy that you haven’t got a chance to have a date. Being busy or you don’t have guts, skills and experience on how to get a date may be the reasons for not having a date. Not finding a date may not be funny to you but to your friends and hence, you don’t let them know.

texting talkin

Meeting women can be thought of in two ways either as a pedestrian you come across when you got to work or as a co-worker. They are easy to talk with, only if you are talking about the financial statistics of your company which both of you are working on. Asking them out to lunch for a more intense corporate talk is just too natural for you to do it would be a walk in the park at that. If women are asked for more intimate reason, then it would be a whole new ball game. In that kind of business deal where you are not well verse and ill prepared, you can feel butterflies in your stomach.

What to Talk about with a Girl



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