Few Dating Tips

Some of guys aking themselfs how to fuck girls.

Most girls value their privacy, especially where intimacy is concerned.  It can be anywhere your away from other people.  An empty corridor or a lounge works well if you’re out clubbing.   A car, a quiet street, or slightly away from the door at the end of the date are all good places for a deep and satisfying kiss.

Knowing how to kiss a girl isn’t difficult.  And it’s quite fun to practice.  Frequently.  The more, the better.

dating nice ass

Take a look at your manners.

A woman may not expect you to be a page out of an etiquette book, but she will likely be turned off if you are too crude and embarrassing. The degree of crudeness you can get by with may depend on the situation or event, but it is a better idea to be polite and thoughtful during all dates.

Dating advice for men.

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